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Title: Quackonomics
The Cost of Unscientific Health Care in the U.S. … and Other Fraud Found Along the Way
Format: 6”w x 9”h, paperback
Pages: 444
Paperback Price: $24.99
ISBN (softcover): 978-1-64584-515-7
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Reviews for Quackonomics:
Profound investigation of medical fraud

Quackenomics is an historic work. What the “muckrakers” did for their time, this book will do for ours. The fraud in our medical system that Dr. Welch has so thoroughly documented is so out of control that one has to doubt the capability of our capitalistic system to deal with medicine for profit. The extent of quackery in all of the “alternative” medical practices and in the pharmaceutical industry was staggering. This book is a “must read”.

— Alice Derienzo

Also by the author:
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Softcover or Kindle edition available

La Trappe Creek Chronicles A Log of Adventures … Sailing with Friends
Ethan Welch is a retired vascular surgeon. During his forty years of teaching and active practice, he also maintained an interest in sailing and all things pertaining to the sea. He has written numerous magazine articles on safety at sea and founded Medical Sea Pak Company, dedicated to marine first-aid preparation and education. In 1972, with three friends, he embarked on what was to become an annual sailing adventure, later to evolve into the LaTrappe Creek Historical and Ecological Society. This book is a travelogue of sailing to exotic locales, lavishly illustrated with many wonderful photos and original paintings by the author.