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International Quack of the Year Award 2021

This website awards the International Quack of the Year Award to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his Children's Health Defense Group for his baseless attacks on vaccination and the damage done to Truth and Science during a pandemic that has caused more than 5,000,000 deaths.

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Spotlight: Follow-Up on Prevagen

The State of New York and the Federal Trade Commission, closed the case against Quincy Bioscience Holding Company, the makers of Prevagen—the so-called memory enhancer—in the U.S.Court of Appeals, Second Circuit on 02/21/2019. I have contacted the Attorney General of NY to find an explanation, so far without any success.
As far as I can tell, the state and federal governments simply quit, along with a list of other parties who had active cases in the court system.

The lesson is this: we cannot depend on the judicial processes to guarantee that quackery can be contained in the land of pseudopharma.  It will take an act of Congress to make all drugs go through the FDA.

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Listen In

Evan Dawson interviews Dr. Ethan Welch on NPR's "Connections with Evan Dawson" on WXXI. Hear a lively discussion about the critical importance of science in medicine and how Americans can better spend their health care dollars.

Click here to hear the recorded broadcast.

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